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Did you know that there are YouTube videos from AntiquesAvenue? I made them some time ago and one or two have been very popular. Here is a preview of ones I think you will enjoy:

Firstly the most popular about cleaning old silver jewellery: This is a quick method involving every day kitchen ingredients. It is useful when the pieces are plain silver with no other materials involved. Also for very black pieces, light tarnish often comes off with a rub with a cloth. Remember always to wear protective gloves, its always important to protect your skin when handling chemicals.

Looking at the backs of old brooches to tell how old they are. Turn the brooch over and look at the catch and the hinge. We can learn so much as the were made differently at different times in history. For example Victorian and Edwardian brooches generally have different hinges. Take care with this information though – it only tells you the earliest date the brooch could have been made. often methods of manufacture went on much later than this.

The third of the YouTube videos from AntiquesAvenue is about hanging a charm from a traditional charm bracelet. This is the type where the charm hangs blow the bracelet rather than being slotted along it. These use O rings and it is really quite easy once you know how. Quite different from modern charm bracelets such as Pandora. you will need two pairs of small tweezers to start.

You can also listen to musical jewellery boxes and a musical powder compact. Let me know what you think and also if there are any related topics you would like to see more on. If you would like to subscribe then you will see when I add further ones.

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