Occasionally I find interesting objects from the past which leave me flummoxed. What is it? How old ? What’s it made from ? Even what am I going to do with it. Do you have any ideas? I’m keen to have your input on this ( more coming soon I’m sure). This isn’t a quiz in the way that I don’t have an answers to give.

A. Object Trouve

Ive called this one Object Trouve or “found object”. Its a hardstone or fossil which has been mounted in gold as a stick pin. The mount has been designed so that it can be worn in your lapel but its the mounted piece which interests me. It may be an ancient flint but I really don’t know – help!

Objet Trouve

Found Object

B. Victorian Silver Fob

This is a small double sided solid silver  fob which is from the Victorian era. On one side Queen Victoria is central and around the edge are various European heads of state. These are possibly here children? On the other side Prince Edward and his princess are central surrounded by more Royalty. Its about ¾ inch diameter . So I’m wondering if this was made for a specific event ? I am sure some Gentleman would have enjoyed wearing it from his watch chain.