I had a conversation with a customer today about the wearable vintage jewellery which got me thinking. Which vintage jewellery can I wear every day?  Some pieces lend themselves to everyday dress whilst others are much more for high glamour occasions.  Here’s my guide to the most wearable pieces of vintage jewellery. Just a list not in any order, select your own favourites for day to day. Probably your best antique jewellery will be kept for special occasion wear, the pieces below are more wearable vintage jewellery.

Silver enamel jewellery

enamel broochSilver and enamel jewellery are bright and colourful, it adds colour to any dull outfit. The Scandinavians made some of the best pieces and still do.  A swirling silver and enamel leaf brooch from the 1960s of 1970s will cost about £40 to £75. These are very versatile and are available in a wide range of colours and sizes.

Glass Necklaces

Cheap and cheerful n and available in a huge range of colour.  The glass beads are coloured and faceted in a variety of shapes. They can be found strung on a cord or many of the nicer ones are linked on a metal chain. As they are glass these necklaces reflect the light wonderfully and will be admired. They are easy to clean with a tiny squirt of glass cleaner on a lint-free cloth.


Silver LocketLockets

For everyday wear, a smaller locket on an 18-inch chain will be easy to wear and not get in the way. 1970s silver lockets of 2 or 3 cms high come in a variety of shapes and decorations. You can find oval, circular and heart shapes with a flower or scrolling design. Room enough inside these for a couple of small photos to keep your loved ones close during the day.

Charm on a chain

A charm can be attached to a chain necklace just as it can to a bracelet.  As they are small in size they are great for every day. Gold or silver, there is a huge range of vintage charms available – select one in a design that means something special to you.


For every day keep the ring simple. No large high set gems or complex cluster settings which can catch if care isn’t taken.  9 carat gold is tougher than 18 carats so I would suggest a nine carat ring would be most suitable. If you’re wearing more than one ring keep the carats the same next to each other as the harder carat gold rings will wear away the gold on the softer higher carat ones.

Stud Earings

My personal choice of everyday jewellery is a pair of simple diamond solitaire ear studs. They don’t get in the way in fact I regularly forget I’m wearing them. Just the occasional clean and they have remained in great condition for years.
Other stud earrings will be just as suitable.

Which piece of wearable vintage jewellery is your favourite?