So You Want To Be An Antiques Dealer ?

want to be an antiques dealerLet me tell you what its really like . Ive bought and sold various antiques for the past 40 years. 20 years as a full time Antiques Dealer and Ive lived to tell the tale. People are interested in the life of a dealer almost as much as they are interested in the antiques themselves. Let me tell you a bit about it and then you can decide if  you too want to be an antiques dealer.

The questions I often get asked are How do you become a dealer? How do you know what to buy? Where do you get your stock? Can you make a living at it? The answer to those questions is for another day. Today Im talking about the reality of being a dealer – the updsides and the downsides.



  1. You are your own Boss – no one to tell you what to do or when to work and when not too.
  2. You handle beautiful objects all day long. What could be more fun than buying unique pieces of art, furniture or jewellery.
  3. Its fun and its interesting. There is the thrill of the chase, the excitement of finding a bargain. There is also something to learn or research. Even after all these years in the trade there is so much I dont know.


  1. You are your own Boss – If you don’t work you don’t get paid. If you make mistakes you loose money. Holidays are unpaid and there is no short-term sick pay.
  2. You handle beautiful objects all day long. Yes and you own these objects. If you make a mistake buying them you will loose money. If you break or damage one then you loose money. You need to be very careful.
  3. It can be very frustrating. Many hours travelling to find nothing of real value. Only finding stuff exactly the same as pieces you already have in stock and cant sell. Everything you find is damaged or at a price where you know a profit is not possible.


Im sure there are many more ups and downs to the antiques trade. Please do pop over to AA facebook page and tell me all about them