Vintage Silver Jewellery 1960s and 1970s

Some of the best Jewellery buys around are from the 1960s and 1970s vintage silver jewellery. The material suited the casual and relaxed fashions of the times and so it was used to create some wonderful jewellery.  The pieces are normally better made, more stylish and have a heavier weight of silver in them than those you buy now today. The silver jewellery from this time is still most wearable, highly fashionable and a decent collection can be amassed at a reasonable price.

British silver at this time always made to the sterling .925 standard. It can tarnish a little but will wear and polish up well and look like new if required.

Here is a review of the pieces available to buy:

vintage silver jewelleryBangles

Chunky silver bangles are worn singly or many on one or both wrists. Silver bangles from this time are normally fully hallmarked. You can find both hollow and solid silver ones. Many are decorated with typical flower power motifs or have scrolling fern leaf decoration. Often the decoration is on the front only.

These bangles normally hinge open to fit your wrist. You will want one which fits comfortable often 7 to 8 inches around is best.  As long as the catch is quite secure I wouldn’t worry about a safety chain as these just get in the way

Charms and Charm Bracelets

The 1960s and 1970s were the heyday of British silver charms. There are some wonderful examples around. Look out for those by names makers including Nuvo and Chim. Opening and moving, articulated charms are always fun.

The charms of the time hung from the bracelet by anO-ringg. Quite different from the modern ones you see today. They were made to be added to bracelets and removed so you can build them to suit yourself.


There were some excellent craftsman brooches made at this time . Look for Scottish pieces and of course Scandinavian silver and enamel brooches which are highly colourful . Designer Scandinavian brooches by David Andersen, I Holt and similar are very sought after.


Again the 1960s /1970s produced a lot of stylish craftsman piece.  Those set with semi-precious stones such as citrines, amethyst and smoky quartz stones are very nice. Look out for sculptural shaped rings by George Jensen popular then as now. Silver and marcasite rings had a big revival at this time but do make sure all the stones are still in place.


Pendants were probably the most popular neck wear at the time. A gemstone in a cage or a spinner charm saying “I love you”. These were worn on 18 or 20-inch chains to fill in the neckline.


Earrings at the time tended to be small and set with gemstones. Studs were popular and tiny pendant earrings.


The bigger the better. Somewhere to keep a picture of your latest boyfriend in ready to show off to your friends.

Art Nouveau Revival

As well as typical 1970s modern style there was a revival of art nouveau in the 1970s. You can see this influence in jewellery but it lacks the finesse of the original pieces from the early 1900s. Personally if collecting vintage silver jewellery I would look for pieces that were of the 1970s style rather than those copying an earlier era.