Selling Antiques Online Basic Thoughts. This is for those who are brand new to selling antiques, vintage or collectables online. It is a first steps guide for things to think through before you start. The only assumption made here is that you have something to sell and the will to sell it over the internet.

Selling Antiques Online Basic Thoughts

Computer, Phone or Tablet

How are you going to access the internet? It is perfectly possible to sell antiques with just a phone nowadays. I personally find that a little on the small side but if its all you have then there is no need to purchase any special equipment. You will also need internet access Wifi or 4G if you are going to upload photos


Email address

You will need an email address to sign up for the venues you use to sell your items on. If you have an email address already then great. If not then its time to get one. Free ones such as Hotmail and Gmail can be used but it’s better to get something a little more secure such as those coming with your internet service.


If you have an up to date phone then it will have an inbuilt camera which is ok for starters. If not you will need access to a camera and a way to get the photos from your camera to your PC.


How will you receive your money?

How are you going to get paid for your antique? Secure options are Cash on collection, Cheque which clear in advance of sending your antique, PayPal ( an online money receiving system). I really suggest signing up for PayPal as most of your customers will prefer to buy using it.


This is very important. You must securely package your antique for postage as it is the seller’s responsibility to ensure it arrives safely. I have a whole article on packaging antiques for postage here.


How are you going to send your antique? Postage? Buyer collects only? If posting what service are you using? Royal Mail is great for smaller items but they won’t take a wardrobe. Are you prepared to sell abroad? It’s a little more difficult but widens the potential customers enormously.

selling antiques online basic thoughts


What venue are you going to use to sell your antiques? There are multiple options for your first sale including eBay and Facebook. Your choice will depend on whats most important to you. Please see Where can I sell my antiques online?


Ready to proceed further than Selling Antiques Online Basic Thoughts? I offer more information on How you will receive money, Postage and Packaging and Venue.Follow the links above for more detail.