Quick Guide to Stick Pins, Tie Pins and Lapel Pins

Quick Guide to Stick Pins Stick Pins, Tie Pins, Lapel Pins, what are they and how do they work?  Here is your Quick Guide to Stick Pins. This is a little piece of jewellery from the past, something traditionally worn by a gentleman and occasionally still being seen at formal occasions. They are the same…

Crystal Set Vintage Charms

Crystal Set Vintage Charms

Crystal set vintage charms are amongst my favourites as they add lots of fun and colour to your charm bracelet. Most of these are mounted in silver but occasionally you find a solid gold one too. They all date from the 1960s or 1970s. Add a single one to your bracelet for a splash of…

Victorian Aesthetic

Quick guide to Antique Vintage Datelines

I know all you lovers of Antique and Vintage jewellery are sometimes concerned about getting the genuine article when you but older jewellery on-line. Heres a guide to the different periods or Antique Vintage Datelines. Hopefully, this will help you to ensure that you know you are buying the jewellery of an age you want or at least know roughly how old…

Value antique and vintage jewellery

Value Antique and Vintage Jewellery

One thing everyone wants to know about their antique and vintage jewellery is : What’s it worth? The one question I always get asked and try not to answer for people is: Can you value antique and vintage jewellery? The reason I don’t like valuing is what occurs when you tell someone its worth little….

vintage Gemstone Ring

Easy Guide to Gemstone Ring Parts

Do you love looking at rings and would like to know more? Today Im looking at the most common type of ring we see the Vintage Gemstone Ring and Gemstone Ring Parts. These facts below apply to any rings set with stones except eternity and signet rings and does include engagement rings, dress rings and cocktail rings. What…

vintage necklace

Collecting Vintage Jewellery

Collecting Vintage Jewellery Old Jewellery is a special type of collectable, you can wear it as well as admire it and it is always stylish. Antique and vintage jewellery has many things in common with other antiques and collectables which make these pieces more desirable than new. Lets look at the reasons for collecting vintage jewellery. These are:…