Its my favourite fair of the entire antiques calendar tomorrow. Well to be more precise its one of six as the Newark Antiques Fairs which is on every two months. Who else is going?

Here’s the link to their website. There are over 2,000 stalls and you will be walking a lot so wear comfy shoes and clothing – everyone else will be dressed down too  – this is  a place to concern yourself with the style you are buying not your personal sartorial elegance.

What to see – for me its the hundreds of indoor stalls as I buy mainly jewellery . There are several pavilions to visit each having a different character. Also I love the shopping arcades and the outdoor stall areas. For me its everything but the furniture tents and my shopping will take me most of the day.

You can find anything and everything under the sun – old and new although most objects profess to be at least vintage. There are bargains to be had ( I know as I’ve picked up several great ones here over the years) but take care there are also some outrageously over priced items too.

I always go on a Thursday , its £20 to get in but worth every penny and you can go back on the Friday on the same ticket if you wish. . Unlike the Friday entrance which costs £5 and not worth the trip unless you are very local as many of the stalls have packed up and gone home by this time. The official start time is 9.00 for buyers, I always get there before that, in time to collect my ticket and be ready to go  at 9.00 . The queues to the car park can take a little time so its worth being there no later than 8.30. If you are really lucky you can get in with a dealer before this time but you will need to know someone well and make that arrangement in advance.

Take plenty of cash with you to negotiate a real bargain and if you are buying heavier or larger items then a small trolley will help you get your finds back to you car.

Food and drink are expensive and not great so maybe take something with you to tide you over.

I will be back with photos of my day at the fair – Let me know how yours went as a buyer or stallholder.