Every wondered about Marcasite Jewellery Care?

Marcasite bracelets


Marcasite jewellery lasts a long time if handled with care and cleaned and stored correctly. The stones can be fragile and they can easily become loose and fall out if not treated correctly. Keep them dry  so never put them into an ultrasonic machine or treat them with harsh chemicals. Silver dip is definitely not recommended as the silver is meant to be dull and not bright. The dip is also too harsh for the marcasites.

Your marcasite brooches and other jewellery are  best cleaned with a dry jewellery polishing cloth. Then stored separately from other pieces possibly wrapped in a little acid free tissue paper.

Recently I have discovered a little tip for brightening silver jewellery.  Please only try this out with the greatest of care and not on your best pieces. A tiny dab of toothpaste on a damp ( not wet ) toothbrush. Wet the toothbrush and then dry most of the water out with a cloth. Now add a pin head sized amount of toothpaste and gently rub it over the surface. Do not press very hard. Wipe over the jewellery  with an almost dry cloth to remove any residue and the marcasites will sparkle and shine.  If use too much toothpaste you will have problems removing it so do take the utmost care.

If it is really black and you think that it is worthless unless clean you may be prepared to take a little more of a risk . Take a little OOO grade wire wool – it must be this grade or it will tug the stones from the setting. Rub a pinch of it into a small ball between your fingers and then carefully rub over the silver highlights of the gem.  You will need a lint free polishing cloth it finish.

marcasite rose broochIf a marcasite does fall out you will usually need your local jeweller to replace it.

Have you had any success marcasite Jewellery care?  Do tell us about it.

Storage of Marcasites

Take care with storing your marcasites. The sharp edges on the stones can scratch other pieces. I suggest each piece is kept individually.  Wrap in acid free tissue paper or place individually in a small fabric bag or jewellery box. All pieces purchased from AntiquesAvenue come with this provided.