Why do you wear jewellery? There are many reasons maybe its lucky jewellery to bring good fortune. Perhaps it brightens up your outfit or fills a gap in a neckline. Is it a sentimental piece which was given to you by a loved one and it reminds you of them when they are not around? Some obviously expensive pieces are worn to depict status and power. Other special pieces are thought to bring luck. These are often known as charms or talismans.

Lucky Jewellery

Lucky JewelleryLets take a look at lucky jewellery, perhaps you need it for yourself or are about to show someone how much you care . These can be lucky for all sorts of reasons. For example they are in the shape of an auspicious thing or made from a fortunate gemstone. We tend to wear pieces like this as pendants, charms or brooches although there is no reason why you shouldn’t wear them as earrings. Perhaps for a Gentleman cufflinks or more likely a fob. Hunting for vintage charms we find a much wider range than newer ones in the shops today.


AntiquesAvenue likes pieces in the shape of things or as they are often known as figural. Most every type of object you can think of can be imitated in jewellery including our lucky objects. The most common Lucky pieces we see in jewellery are horseshoes, shamrocks, cats and stars. These have all long had favourable associations. Just which way up do you wear a lucky horseshoe? I’ve seen and heard of them being both ways up and have not yet found a definite answer. Cat charms and pendants come in all shapes and sizes. Those enamelled in black are quite popular of course. My own particular favourite lucky symbol is the star as in “When you wish upon a ….”. This along with the moon were most popular in the Edwardian era, at the beginning of the 1900s over 100 years ago.

Different countries and cultures have their own lucky symbols, there is the Cornucopia from the ancient classical times, the Dragon from China along with the Money Toad. Of course each religion has its own associated symbols which are worn for protection. The Christian cross or perhaps a St Christopher for a traveller. Some may wear a Buddha a picture of a God or Goddess.



Throughout the certain materials have been given magical or fortunate properties. For example Agate is said to protect especially like this piece in the picture where you can see an eye – protection against the Evil Eye.  Rose Quartz is said to bring fortune in love. Citrines bring fortune in business and Tigers Eye gives bravery and self-confidence.

In the past I’ve written about jewelry for  Birthdays and Zodiac signs which are also bringers of fortune.

What about ill omen jewellery?

Can charms , talismans bring the opposite kind of fate? Well some think so. Peacock feathers have been shunned from being brought indoors as has an open umbrella. Maybe if you are superstitious in this way then its best not to have a charm in this shape . Nor maybe in the shape of a bat, a crow or a Raven. The number 4 is unlucky in Japan so dont hang one of those from your bracelet.

Maybe you have your own charm or talisman which you wear for protection. Please tell us all about it.