About Acrostic Jewellery

The Victorians were great romantics but often their romances were forbidden. Maybe a disapproving father wanted more for his daughter or there was a romance between a servant and her master. They sound ways to express their love but to keep it secret at the same time one way was with acrostic Jewellery.

acrostic jewelleryOne of the ways they acknowledged their romance but kept it hidden at the same time was to conceal it in their jewellery in some way. For example, a hidden compartment at the back of a ring or brooch may hold a tiny keepsake. Another was to wear acrostic jewellery, that is a ring or other piece set with gemstones. The initial letters of the stones spelt out words with the best-known being “Dearest” or “Regard”. Almost every letter of the alphabet ( except X unless you know differently) can be used in this way with a gemstone to represent the letters of a name or sentiment.

Gemstone Alphabet

  • Amethyst, pale through velvety purple
  • Blue John ( blue and white) or Bloodstone ( bottle green and red flecks)
  • Citrine, lemon yellow
  • Diamond, normally clear but can be fancy yellow or black colours
  • Emerald, green
  • Fire opal, orange
  • Garnet, blood red
  • Hematite, Shiny black
  • Iolite, violet blue
  • Jade, bright apple green
  • Kunzite, pinky purple
  • Lapis Lazuli, Blue with gold flecks
  • Moonstone, clear with wonderful sheen
  • Opal, white with blues, greens and reds or black with similar colours
  • Peridot, pale olive green
  • Quartz, Clear
  • Ruby, Red
  • Sapphire, blue
  • Topaz, various shades including blues
  • Ulexite, snowy crystal
  • Violane, deep violet
  • Watermelon Tourmaline, shades of pink and yellow
  • Xanthite – struggles with X – can’t find a wearable gemstone here
  • Yugawaralite – clear white
  • Zircon – clear white

New acrostic jewellery can be found quite easily today but the antique pieces bring the original sentiments with them from the past and as such are more desirable. AntiquesAvenue occasionally has an Acrostic piece and other nice gemstone rings.