I once ran a poll on my webshop One of the questions asked is “Whats best about AntiquesAvenue? ” 100% of the answers  voted for:

The vintage jewellery is real.

Now that is a subject close to my heart and certainly doesn’t just apply to jewellery.. Why when we want vintage do we have to specify that its real or genuine? Why can sellers of made in the Far East last week copies get away with calling something vintage when the paint is only just dry?  Now if someone wants a new copy then that is their choice but shouldn’t customers be informed that they are buying something modern? Of course this also applies to Antique items.

If you do an internet search for anything vintage there is a huge chance you will be returned a lots of results for modern items.  Take virtually any search and I bet  three of the top 5 sellers are selling new and that’s not including  eBay which is right at the top and much of the stuff there is brand new too.

Heres my top 5 reasons that the internet and especially Google should take a long look at this and start to distinguish more clearly.

Why Real Vintage ?

Trade Descriptions

If its not old then its not vintage, full stop no arguments on this one. How old is open to interpretation but at least 20 years old even by the most lax standards. Anything newer in the style of previous generations should be prefixed by “inspired”, “style” or something similar.

Investment Potential.

Genuine vintage tends to go up in price, there is far less a % lost when you purchase it than with new. Modern copies are literally worth their weight in gold or silver but unless they are top designer pieces little more once you have them home. This is not usually the case with older pieces which have the collectability factor to add to their value. How much this amount is will be influenced by year to year fashions but all other things being equal old is more valuable than new when it comes to jewellery.


Product Quality.

Normally older pieces have more metal weight to them than newer ones. This gives a better heft to the piece and it will sit better against your body and be longer lasting as well as looking better. This is one of the main reasons many prefer heritage jewels to new.

Cache .

There is a certain something to wearing a real piece from the past. A copy is just that, its not hip and its not stylish. Unfortunately there is so much repro out there it is easy for those not in the know to be fooled . Vintage shows you care enough to spend time hunting out that real piece rather than popping down the market and buying the cheapest thing you can find.


When wearing a piece of genuine vintage you are unlikely to see someone else wearing the same. It is possible as duplicate do turn up but this is quite unusual. We cant say the same for piece being imported from China in their thousands, Can we?.


So who agrees with me? What can we do about it?  Please feel free to copy and share this article. If enough of us care then maybe a change will gradually come.

Rant Over!

Anne xx