Part J of AntiquesAvenue’s A-Z of Vintage Jewelleryjabot pin

Jabot Pin:  A double ended pin which is worn in a ruff or tie pin. Its like a stick pin but with the keeper being very decorative. The pin passes through the material twice and fastens at the front.








A green hardstone popular in the Orient. It is often carved with a decorative pattern or into the shape of animals. The most sought after is imperial Jade which has an apple green colour. New Zealand greenstone is also a form of jade. Jadeite is the most sought after and was once reserved for the Chinese Emperors.



Whilst this term can refer to a hardstone it is most often used to refer to a type of pottery made by Wedgwood . Wedgwood Jasper has a decorative pattern sprigged onto it so that it looks like a cameo. These are usually seen in blue and white, other colours are quite sought after.


JensenGeorge Jensen started his silversmith company in Denmark in 1904.  The Jensen company is still in operation today and their pieces are most sought after today especially the pieces from the early 1900s.
Jet:  Jet is a hard black substance formed under the sea from fossilised coal. The very best comes from Whitby in Yorkshire. Jet is lightweight and can be cut and polished into quite large pieces of jewellery which are easy to wear. It was most fashionable during the Victorian era for mourning jewellery.




Jewellery ( UK ) or Jewelry (USA) : Decorative item which is worn on a man or woman intended just to be ornamental rather than functional.

Junk Jewellery: An alternative name for costume jewellery but usually used for the cheaper end lower quality pieces. Made of paper, plastic or other cheap material it can be quite fun for the right occasion. Pieces on AntiquesAvenue do not usually fall into this category but there may be the occasional piece from time to time.