An introduction to antiques course in 6 easy to digest modules, a course for complete beginners. Do you ever look at antiques and wonder about them? What is it? How old is it? What is it made of ? and of course What it worth? If you would you like to learn about antiques, vintage or collectables then this course is just for you. Best of all its totally free!

The course will go live on April 5th.

Introduction to Antiques CourseMany years ago, I knew I loved antiques and vintage items and would spend hours looking around at fairs and centres.  I coverted the pieces but didn’t dare buy unless it was really cheap. The problem was that I didn’t know what I was looking at – was it genuine or fake? How old was it really? Was I being ripped off? Do you feel the same? That was 40 years ago. I spent 20 years learning and the next 20 as an antiques dealer. Here is a bit more about me and my career in antiques.

Hopefully, this course will help demystify items and teach you to know what you are looking at too. The intention is to teach you a distillation of all the knowledge I have learnt along the way.

This course is going to teach you in 6 modules the basics of antiques. At the end of the course, you should know enough to identify an object and the basics of valuation and care. You will learn all about how to identify its form style and materials.  A great start for the would-be collector or someone just wanting to identify their own antiques.

Each module there will be activities including:

  • The lesson,
  • A practical challenge,
  • A quiz
  • Checklist to ensure you have covered everything
  • A recommended book list
  • Sometimes a video to support your learning
  • Links to other areas of the internet


Each lesson can be taken in a day, a week or, take longer than a week to complete each part whatever suits you.


 I talk about antiques throughout this course. I am actually also referring to vintage and collectable items over about 20  years old.

Vintage and Collectables
Vintage and Collectables

Introduction to Antiques Course

  • Yes, it is completely free of charge.

Course Contents

  1. Object Identification – what is it?
  2. Style – Its design
  3. Materials – what is it made of?
  4. Maker and markings
  5. Desirability / value
  6. Research and further learning

introduction to antiques

Before you start The Introduction to Antiques course

Here’s a bit of a challenge for you all to undertake before the introduction to antiques course starts in a few weeks time. It is completely optional but will start you off thinking about antiques in the right way. There are 4 different sections, chose to do one or all three parts of the challenge. Start it now and continue throughout the course as you wish.

1.    Assess where you are now with your antiques.

Look at the antiques/ vintage and collectable items you currently own or have access to. Select your 5 favourites. For each one can you write down what you know about it already? Can you identify:

  • What is it made of?
  • How old is it?
  • What condition is it in?
  • Who made it and where?
  • What would you like to know more about this object?
  • Take a photo or two and upload to the Learn Antiques Facebook page and tell us about it.

The idea here is to assess your current knowledge so that you can see progress as you go through the course.

2.    Which antique venues are available to you locally?

This depends on where you live and so its something you will need to research for yourself. A little hunt on the internet will provide all the answers you need. The idea is to determine what is going on around you in the field of antiques. Here are the searches for you to copy and paste into Google.

  • Antiques auctions near (enter your location here)
  • Antique centres near (enter your location here)
  • Antiques fairs near (enter your location here)

How about paying a visit to one in each category, just to have a look around?

Now on our Facebook group tell us about the best and worst local venue you have found. Here is the thread to use

If you would you like to learn about antiques, vintage or collectables then this course is just for you. Best of all its totally free!

3.    Why do you want to know more about antiques?

This is worth having a think about up front. A few questions to ask yourself include:

  • Do I just have a general interest in antiques or am I looking to buy or sell or both?
  • Have I an existing collection I want to know more about or looking to start a collection?
  • Am I just looking for valuations?
  • Am I looking to connect with other antique enthusiasts?



$. Drop a comment in the box below this article

Let me know if you think this course is a good idea. I intend to expand the subjects covered in the future. What would you like to see included? Your input is welcome and seeing it helps me know that someone is actually reading this.


I hope you enjoy the introduction to antiques course as much as I have enjoyed writing it.