This is in Praise of the 16 inch necklace. It is a much under-rated piece of jewellery which a great pretty as its highly decorative. Many ladies will not consider less than 18 inches for their neck wear but please do think again.


For smaller and medium ladies the 16 inch vintage necklace will sit around the collar bone. This draws the eye and at the same time it leaves room for you to wear a longer necklace at the same time.  For us who are somewhat over 40 it also helps to cover up and distract from the annoying wrinkles that tend to develop in that area.

Heres me in a 1950s aurora borealis crystal necklace. Here its teamed with an 18 inch silver pendant. I love the way these look together.





There are quite a few 16 inch necklaces available from AntiquesAvenue. This is not surprising as the ladies in the 1920’s through to the 1960s also appreciated them at this length. Mainly these are glass which sit well and are not as fragile as you might think. Much classier than modern plastic beads. I offer originals from those times.  Lets take a look at some:

venetian glass necklacered-glass-1930s-vintage-necklace1yellow-glass-bead-vintage-necklace



Do you wear a 16 inch necklace? Alone or with another necklace or a pendant. Perhaps you layer multiples? I would love to hear about them.