Flicking through an old copy of the Picture Post I noticed this advert for Ciro Jewellery from  1940. Ciro made jewellery throughout the 1900s and to the best of my knowledge they still do so. It is one of the names we can look out for when collecting old pieces.

Ciro Advert

Wouldn’t it be nice to buy pieces like this at these prices now? There are of course the famous Ciro Pearls in an oyster shaped box. Diamond rings mounted in gold and what they called Platinette from 25 shillings . There were 20 shillings in a Pound so that’s a cheap collection of rings.  I assume that Platinette is a white coloured metal made to top the area around the diamonds and look like Platinum.

Another offering worth mentioning is what they call Badge Brooches . These were what we know as Sweetheart jewellery today – pieces worn by Mothers, Wives and Sweethearts of military men. Clearly in 1940 they would be in great demand. Nowadays they are very collectable.

I will keep my eyes open for more old jewellery adverts, they often teach us something.