Are you looking for a vintage chain? There are lots of different types and it can be confusing. Some are pretty but not very functional. Others simple and come in various widths and weights. Curb link chains are probably one of the easiest jewellery chains to wear. It has a flat link which sits nicely against the body and so it has lots of different uses.

curb link chainCurb Link Chains

I have seen many examples of the curb link dating from the Victorian era and through the 1900s. They can be made of gold, silver and other metals. Of course, you can get them from this time through to brand new today.

The curb link chains can be of varying widths depending on how chunky you want the chain to be. They go from a millimetre or less to over a centimetre wide. Of course, a belcher chain can also be as long as you wish.

Other types of Chain

The belcher chain can, of course, be worn alone or you can attach pendants, amulets, fobs or charms to them. The way the links are made with an open design lends itself to an O-ring passing through the chain and then through the hanging loop of the attachment.

There are many ways to wear these chains, around the neck, as a bracelet or as a watch chain. The links can be the same size all the way along the chain or graduated so that they have larger links in the middle than at the two ends. This graduation is particularly popular on watch chains as it allows the chain to sit well.

Wear the chain as a single, double or multiple lengths.

Look out especially for gold and silver belcher chains from the Victorian era and early 1900s which have a lion passant hallmark stamped into each link. This is a great sign of quality and these chains are highly prized.