Do you love looking at rings and would like to know more? Today Im looking at the most common type of ring we see the Vintage Gemstone Ring and Gemstone Ring Parts.

vintage Gemstone RingThese facts below apply to any rings set with stones except eternity and signet rings and does include engagement rings, dress rings and cocktail rings. What is the difference between the latter two, I think its different names for the same thing, here on AntiquesAvenue we specialise in Vintage Cocktail Rings.

There are names for the individual parts of a ring. Knowing these will help when buying a ring on-line as they may be described in the write ups. By the way the gems here don’t have to be precious stones they could easily be crystals.

Of course not all gemstone rings have just one stone set into them but the basic naming of the parts is the same for a cluster as it is for the solitaire above.

Gemstone Ring Parts:

gemstone ring partsShank – the bit of the ring that goes round the back of the finger and holds it in place on your hand. If the ring is hallmarked it is likely the hallmarks are on the inside of the shank although continental hallmarks many be found on the outside.

Shoulders – the sides of the ring going up from the sides of your fingers to the top of a stone. The shoulders can be obvious and highly decorative and stone set or plain an minimal. It can be plain or have a design on the outside

Claws – The little prongs which hold the stones in place. Its important to check these occasionally to ensure they are in good condition.

Collet – The decorative gold bit that the stone is surrounded by. These come in all sorts of decorative patterns so find one that you like.

Head – The entire bit of the ring which sits above the finger eg the stone and its setting. Sometimes these can be very high above the finger and sometimes quite flat against it.

Setting – The whole of the head of the ring without the stone.

Bezel The bit under the stone to which the shank is attached, the collet sits on this

Stones – The gems themselves  – precious, semi-precious or costume the terms apply to all the different types.

ring partsThere are alternatives for the above when the stones have a rubbed over setting or are channel set . These are plainer often very stylish rings which do not have a head in the same way as shown above. I hope youve found this tour of Gemstone Ring Parts interesting.

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