A- Z, Gallery to Gypsy

Gallery As in the decorative pierced setting around the edge of a ring, it will have the claws of the stone setting at the top

gGarnet We normally see red garnet gemstones which are a deep blood red in colour.  These were popular when set in various sizes and shapes all over jewellery in the Victorian era. They are however also available in other colours ; and Almandine garnet can be such a dark red that it is almost black, A grossular garnet is a green colour and can be clear or look a bit like jade.

Gemstone.  Pretty natural stones dug out of the ground and processed so they are beautiful and  which are then popular in jewellery. They were traditionally divided into precious ( diamonds, sapphires, rubies , emeralds) and semi precious for example amethyst and topaz.

GeometricGeometric  Bold angular style made up of lines formed into triangle, square and other angular shapes. Popular in the art deco era.



Georgian jewelleryGeorgian  Jewellery from the Georgian era, most of which we see is from the early 1800s but the Georgian era started in the early 1700s. Georgian era jewellery is pre machine age and so is hand made .


Gilding Covering a material in a very thin layer of gold. In jewellery this is usually a thin coat of gold on silver often referred to as gilt. This is also sometimes called vermeil which is the French term.

Gilson  Gilson developed a way of making artificial gemstones including emeralds and opals. Not real gemstones They are known as Gilson emeralds or Gilson opals

Glass Used in jewellery either made into imitation gems such as diamante or into very attractive glass beads which are made into necklaces.

GoldGold A beautiful metal  mined from the ground and then purified before being mixed with other metals to make into beautiful jewellery. It has  great shine and durability, doesnt rust or tarnish and so always looks good.


antique-gothic-broochGothic A decorative style which was originally popular in the middle ages. The gothic jewellery we see today is usually from the Victorian Gothic revival ( 1930s to 1950s) or later . It is the style of church architecture.


Grain Pearls are weighed in grains but once they are in jewellery we are more interested in their size.

Granulated Lots of tiny gold beads attached to a surface to decorate it . This was seen in ancient Ertuscan jewellery from Italy and again became popular in the Victorian era.

Grossular See garnet

Guard chain A very long chain popular during the Victorian era. Articles such as spectacles could be hung from a guard chain. Sometimes known as a muff chain which was used to hold a muff.

Guilloche The French term for engine turned enamel. A pattern is carved into the metal and then the enamel is applied over the top so you can see the pattern through the finish.

Gypsy setting  A way of setting a gemstone into a ring where the stone lies flat flush with the surface rather than standing above it. This helps stop the stone wearing or catching on clothing .