A few days ago I was chatting about how a marquise shaped ring can make short fingers look long and elegant. The marquise shape is for ladies like me with short stubby fingers. But what about those lucky ladies who have long fingers already and want a ring or stone shape to suit? How do you flatter longer fingers?

Flatter Longer Fingers

Flatter Longer Fingers

The princess shape is said to make long fingers even more lovely. It is a square shaped ring named after the square shaped cut stone set into it.  This stone cut looks square from the top but is more like an upside down pyramid being pointy at the base. It has 4 bevelled or shaped sides.  For diamonds, the round brilliant cut is the most popular and the princess cut is a close second.

The square cut of the princess stone was a shape originally invented to get more out of the gemstone. They managed to use 80% rather than wasting at least half when making a round gemstone. This can mean that you get more surface area for your money with a princess cut stone. The cut of the stone has more facets. This means more light stays in the stone making it look lighter and brighter than round ones.

You can have one or more of these gems set into a ring. I have seen solitaires, triplets and lots of them set into a square pattern. It is even possible to have them set all the way around and eternity ring.

In other words, it will look bigger and better than a round stone of the same price given that all other factors are equal.

So the lucky ladies with long elegant fingers already get to pay less for the stones in their rings than the rest of us. Sometimes life is not very fair, is it?

Have you any pictures of pictures of how the princess cut can flatter longer fingers? Do let us see.