Elegant fingers with the Marquise shape

Have you ever wished your fingers looked longer and more elegant? I know have. We see lovely long fingers modelling vintage rings and look at them enviously. Did you know that there is a shape of ring and gemstone that can help give the illusion that our fingers are more like those? The shape can actually help make your fingers elegant.

elegant fingersThe marquise shape

The Marquise shape is popular because it does just that, make our fingers look longer and slimmer, like you have elegant fingers. It is an elongate oval shape which is pointy at both ends, perhaps the shape of a boat or a rugby ball. Sometimes they are referred to as boat shape. The name marquise applies to both a gemstone and a piece of jewellery in this shape. I have heard tell it was named after the Marquise de Pompadour the mistress of King Louis XIV of France. It is a shape that was more popular in the past than it is these days. This means that we mainly see it in vintage rings.



Marquise Gemstones

The marquis shape gemstones come in several slightly different shape versions longer and thinner or shorter and fatter. They are cut to get the largest area possible out of the rough gems. When marquis shapes stones are set into a piece of jewellery such as a ring then prongs are normal at each end to protect the stone. You can see this in the picture of the marquise garnet ring to the left.

Make your fingers look elegant with this ringThis tigers eye ring has a marquise-shaped stone in the centre and the ring is marquise shaped. They are quite often seen like this one with further smaller stones around the central one. Look out for marquise shaped jewellery, they make for very pretty pieces