Dermantiod The green for of garnet often more desirable and valuable than the red form. These can vary in colour from deep green to pale olive green.

Designer Designer jewellery will normally have the designer name stamped on it. Where the jewellery is from a sought after designer it will attract a higher price than the equivalent piece which cannot be attributed to a named designer. Great designers from the past include Lalique, Charles Horner and Georg Jensen. Some clothing designers have also made matching ranges of jewellery which have become quite sought after these days, look out for Chanel, Dior and Hartnell.

Sparkling Diamond Drop CharmDiamond The most romantic of all gemstones associated with love and engagement rings. This is the hardest of all stones and so wears well in jewellery. Diamonds are graded by the 4 C’s cut, carat, clarity and colour and these four factors all affect the price so that a large diamond of poor colour, clarity and cut could be less valuable than a smaller one of good colour, cut and clarity. Clarity refers to how clear and free of impurities the diamond is.

Doublet A gemstone made of two layers glued together to make a larger stone. Normally the top layer is more precious than the lower layer to make a small precious stone seem bigger. In vintage jewellery this can be seen in opals and garnets amongst other stones. How do you tell if a gemstone is a doublet? Sometimes you can look at the edge and actually see the two layers.

Dress Accessory Bits of jewellery associated with clothing rather than being attached to the body. Dress accessories include buckles and buttons. Dress Accessories can also be associated with the dressing table or small personal items which are carried in the clothing or handbag such as perfume bottles, vesta cases, hatpins.