Crystal set vintage charms are amongst my favourites as they add lots of fun and colour to your charm bracelet. Most of these are mounted in silver but occasionally you find a solid gold one too. They all date from the 1960s or 1970s. Add a single one to your bracelet for a splash of colour or fill the entire bracelet with coloured crystal charms for a riot on your wrist.

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Types of Crystal Set Vintage Charms

The animal ones are the most collectable:  the owl, bunny with a carrot. Have you seen the penguin waiter?

Some like the globe have a moving crystal. Sometimes you can find a steam boat where the paddles at the back are a rotating crystal ball.

Crystal is a type of very clear glass. It can be coloured, left clear or given an Arora Borealis or pearl-like coating.

These type of charms are designed to hang from a bracelet with an O-ring. _ they dangle down delightfully.

Some of these charms were made by Chim and you can find their name on the base – these are usually very high quality.

Do you have any Crystal Set Vintage Charms I’m not showing here? Please do pop over to my facebook page and tell us about it – a picture would be wonderful.