Have you an antiques lover in the family and struggle to find the perfect gift for them? Unless you are a regular buyer of old stuff you might find it difficult. I’m assuming that you are not wanting to buy a really big and heavy antique for Christmas. Wardrobes and Pianos are difficult to lift. Imaging trying to wrap a garden statue or an entire dinner service. Antiques don’t come ready boxed.

Here’s a few suggestions for the perfect small Christmas gifts for antiques lovers 2017. There is something for everyone here, Mum and Dad, the children, Gran, your best friend or favorite uncle.

Perfect Christmas gifts for antique lovers 2017

For the Ladies

Ring for ChristmasThere’s always a great choice of antiques for ladies as they will always appreciate jewelry. I have so much choice for you. Vintage Brooches, Necklaces, Rings or Bracelets. Which is their favorite? Brooches and earrings are the easiest as one size fits all. Bracelets and Necklaces to some extent and certainly, rings are more dependant on the size of the lady concerned.

Things to consider: Do they like colorful, big and bold or small and discreet? Do they prefer silver or gold? Or a cheap piece which they can wear without worrying too much about losing it?

Christmas gifts for antiques loversFor Gentleman

Cufflinks, A watch chain or an interesting collectible trinket if they don’t wear jewelry. Have they an interest in silver? How about a clock. My man love vintage cars so driving gloves or a new cap would make a suitable stocking filler. All men seem to appreciate a stick pin to wear on their lapel or tie.

Something interesting for those interested in history, You can pick up old magazines from the second world war from a couple of pounds.  Or how about a book on their favorite antique subject. Maybe take a sneaky peak at their bookcases first to ensure they don’t have it already.


For young ladies.

1960s Heavy Charm Bracelet Girls will love bright and cheerful jewelry. Their eyes will really sparkle when they open their gifts.

How about a charm or charm bracelet fro the 1960s or 1970s. The lovely thing here is that they are a gift choice that you can add to each birthday or next year. Start with a bracelet with a single charm or just the bracelet. It was traditional to add pieces to represent the girl’s interest. A cat, pony or ballet dancer?


For young men.

Maybe a little more difficult so I’m thinking something for the future. Something they will appreciate in the years to come or that will grow in value? A coin? Old toys are fun but not to be played with without losing value. Start a collection of vintage car toys for them at quite a reasonable price.


Over to you.

Do you enjoy buying Christmas Gifts for Antiques Lovers? Have they gone down well or been met with a blank stare and a polite Thank You? I would really love you to tell all in the comments.