Cheaper Vintage Engagement Rings

Cheaper Vintage Engagement RingsReading an article on one of the top diamond engagement ring websites, I got quite annoyed when I read that we should question the quality of any diamond ring under £1000. What! They seriously can’t have looked at vintage diamond rings, the quality is often superb. At under a few hundred pounds you can get a lovely vintage engagement ring never mind under a £1000.

What you will not get at under £1000 is a huge diamond. Large diamonds are very expensive but you can buy some very nice engagement rings indeed from a couple of hundred pounds and some pretty smaller diamond rings for less than that.

So what are the factors which keep the price down on a vintage diamond ring?

  • Vintage diamond rings are not only more unique and stylish than new they tend to be cheaper than new for the same piece. I’m not sure why but maybe its because there are fewer people in the chain to take a profit or maybe its because we don’t have big shiny shops as overheads.
  • Gold quality:  9 carat gold is much cheaper than higher carats, for example, it is half the price of 18 carats. Strangely 9 carat gold is not only cheaper but it also wears better. The only thing to look out for is that you purchase a wedding ring of the same carat gold as two differing carats will wear against each other. Personally, I would choose a nine carat ring if I intended to wear it every day.
  • Diamond size: Large diamonds tend to be more expensive all other things such as colour and cut being equal. As a budget option, I suggest a ring with three or more smaller diamonds which are nice and white and sparkling. A ring with three 1/3 carat diamonds set into it will be less costly than a one carat one. Even cheaper will be a ring with 10 1/10th carat diamonds which will give a great show and sparkle.
  • Another option is to have a central sapphire surrounded by diamonds which will give a larger area of gemstones at a lower price than that of diamonds.
  • Setting: All other things being equal a simple setting is cheaper than a fancy one. If you are wearing your cheaper vintage engagement rings every day a simple setting is much easier to manage and less likely to snag

How can I tell I’m getting a quality ring?

  •  Older rings do tend to be better made for the same gold weight.
  • Carat gold is exactly the same percent real gold now as it was in the past, this is enshrined in law.
  • Ask you dealer about the size and colour of the diamonds. Are the diamonds bright and white? Are they clean to the eye with no black bits being seen inside? With smaller diamonds, the whiteness and clarity are important to the look of the ring.


I hope this helps with your decision to buy cheaper vintage engagement rings. They come with a bit of history and so are a romantic choice at a great price.