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What do we know about style? Knowing about different decorative forms is very important to those of us interesting in antiques and history. The style of an object helps us to learn about it, it helps date it and to find out who made a piece. Here’s the things you will find in this section:

  • Different decorative styles
  • The dates of a style
  • The main features of the styles, its shapes and colours
  • Who were the main artists and craftsman
  • When styles re-emerged or were re-invented.
  • How to tell if an item is from the original flowering or revival

Here’s some examples

  • Egyptian
  • Grecian/ Roman
  • Georgian
  • Victorian
  • Art Deco and Art Nouveau
  • Modernist
  • 1970s

What are your favourite decorative forms? Where can you see great examples? Can you buy a piece at a reasonable price and what books are there about?

Jewellery Eras

Jewellery Eras Georgian to 1970s

Here at AntiquesAvenue, I lovethe different jewellery eras from the  Georgian era through to the 1970s – covering around 200 years. During this time lots of changes took place in fashions, the materials available and the techniques used to make the jewellery. We can roughly divide the 200 years into several...

Victorian Aesthetic Jewellery

Have you heard of the Victorian aesthetic Jewellery? Do you like it or know what makes up that trend? Learning about the styles and when they were in fashion helps us a lot with understanding our of Victorian jewellery and helps us place them at the date they were made....

Understand Egyptian Revival Jewellery

Have you ever seen antique or vintage jewellery with Egyptian motifs on it? If so there is a reasonable chance that it is Egyptian Revival Jewellery dating from one of the revivals. Egyptian Revival Jewellery Egyptian revivals were the times when all things Egyptian came into fashion. The first main...

find georgian jewellery

Find Georgian Jewellery Nowadays

Find Georgian Jewellery Nowadays The Georgian era started in 1714 with the accession of George I to the British throne and lasts until the end of the regency in 1830. When looking at Georgian jewellery we normally also include the reign of William IV as this takes us up to the...

Victorian Aesthetic

Quick guide to Antique Vintage Datelines

I know all you lovers of Antique and Vintage jewellery are sometimes concerned about getting the genuine article when you but older jewellery on-line. Heres a guide to the different periods or Antique Vintage Datelines. Hopefully, this will help you to ensure that you know you are buying the jewellery of an age you want or...

16 inch glass necklaces

In Praise of the 16 inch Necklace

This is in Praise of the 16 inch necklace. It is a much under-rated piece of jewellery which a great pretty as its highly decorative. Many ladies will not consider less than 18 inches for their neck wear but please do think again. For smaller and medium ladies the 16...

Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau

Alphonse Mucha’s Art Nouveau

Some of the loveliest high art nouveau art works were painted by the Czechoslovakian artist Alphons Mucha. Mucha was born in 1860 and lived until 1939 .  He lived and worked in Vienna and Paris and had a theatrical design background. In 1895, he happened to be in the right...

Nouveau or Deco?

Can you tell the difference?                   Do you ever wander around an antique fair or take a look on line and see antiques described as Art Nouveau and Art Deco? I do and it often makes me smile as the dealers selling...

20th Century Style Reviewed

  20th Century Style, an amazing diversity of trends and fashions. These days what is fashionable one month is yesterdays old news in jewellery or clothing, art or home design. With the advent of internet shopping tastes change even more rapidly than they did in the past. Throughout the 1900s fashions...