How to use an Ultrasonic Jewellery Cleaner

One of the questions I am most often asked is about how to clean a piece of vintage jewellery. The answer always depends on the materials in the jewellery as different types require different care.  One of the most useful ways of cleaning vintage silver jewellery is to use an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner however it…

antique gold jewellery

Antique Gold Jewellery Care

Antique Gold Jewellery Care Antique Gold Jewellery is quite tough and its care quite easy compared to many other jewellery materials.  But before you jump in dunking your precious gold into jewellery dip or giving it 10 minutes in  an ultrasonic machine there are a few things to consider: Is it antique gold? Now antique…

Buy Vintage Gold Jeweller

How to Buy Vintage Gold Jewellery

How to Buy Vintage Gold Jewellery Do you fancy a piece of antique or vintage gold jewellery? Perhaps a lovely antique brooch or a ring? It’s not quite the same as nipping down to your high street jewellers and buying new. You need a little knowledge or at least have a dealer you can trust…

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Write for this Blog

Take a look around this blog, you will see its all about collectables, antiques and all things old and interesting. Its gradually building into a great free reference site for those who love all things old and interesting. You can write for this blog too. Do you have an antiques or collectables business or a collection of…

Value antique and vintage jewellery

Value Antique and Vintage Jewellery

One thing everyone wants to know about their antique and vintage jewellery is : What’s it worth? The one question I always get asked and try not to answer for people is: Can you value antique and vintage jewellery? The reason I don’t like valuing is what occurs when you tell someone its worth little….

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Collecting Vintage Jewellery

Collecting Vintage Jewellery Old Jewellery is a special type of collectable, you can wear it as well as admire it and it is always stylish. Antique and vintage jewellery has many things in common with other antiques and collectables which make these pieces more desirable than new. Lets look at the reasons for collecting vintage jewellery. These are:…