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Anne’s picture Dictionary of antiques and collectables. A-Z. Each letter has its own page. Starting off with jewellery terms but will include all antiques at a later date.

Here are the current pages although these can change if I find earlier or later entries.

  • Abalone to Aurora
  • Backstamp to Byzantine
  • Cabochon to Cymric
  • Demantoid to Dress set
  • Gallery to Gipsy
  • Hair to Hyacinth
  • Illusion to Ivory
  • Jabot to Junk
  • Keeper to Kunzite
  • Labradorite to Lustre
  • Mabe to Mythology
  • Nacre to Nuvo
  • Obsidian to Pyrite
  • Quartz
  • Reverse Crystal to Russia
  • Sapphire to Synthetic
  • Talisman to Tussie Mussie
  • And More to come

If you have any suggestions for the dictionary please do let me know. I want to add to it and grow as all-encompassing as possible.

Talisman to Tussie Mussie

Talisman to Tussie Mussie

Part T, Vintage Jewellery A-Z Talisman, A piece which is supposed to bring luck or fight the evil eye. Can also be called an amulet or a charm. Used since ancient times when the Amulet originally had zodiac signs carved into it. These days the three words are interchangeable. Tanzanite....


Sapphire to Synthetic

Part S of the Vintage Jewellery A-Z Sapphire A beautiful gemstone most commonly seen in the blue variety. Along with Ruby it is second only in hardness to Diamond which makes it a very hardwearing stone suitable for jewellery including rings. Sardonyx A variety of onyx hardstone which has red/...

Reverse Crystal to Russian

Terms beginning with the letter R  – Vintage Jewellery A-Z Reverse Crystal – see Intaglio Rhinestone Imitation diamond or coloured gemstone made from glass crystal. Popular in costume jewellery from the 1920s to nowadays. Ribbon The Victorians used ribbons to hang large pendants and lockets from – softer and lighter...


Quartz Part Q Antiques Directory

Quartz – Part Q AntiquesAvenue’s A-Z of Vintage Jewellery. The letter Q with Quartz getting an article all to its self. Quartz is a group of semi-precious gemstones which is very important to our jewellery.   These include the crystal clear Rock Crystal, purple amethyst, Yellow Citrine, Rose Quartz (...

Palladium to Pyrite

Palladium to Pyrite All things vintage jewellery related starting with the letter P – part of AntiqueAvenue’s  A-Z Palladium One of the Platinum metals , see below Parure Several pieces of matching jewellery created to be worn together. This could be necklace, brooch, earrings, bracelet which is a full Paure...

Obsidian to Opal

Obsidian to Opal   Part O of the vintage jewellery A-Z Obsidian A dark black hard glass like material which has been formed in a volcano. It is sometimes seen in Mexican jewellery as it is found in that country amongst others. Obsidian can be shaped and carved before being...


Nacre to Nuvo

 Nacre to Nuvo. Part N of the Vintage Jewellery A-Z   Nacre The pretty part of a pearl, the substance laid down by the oyster which makes pearls pretty and lines the inside of shells. Name Name jewellery has been popular at various times in history particularly at the end of the...

Mabe Pearl to Mythology

Mabe Pearl to Mythology. Part M of the Vintage Jewellery A-Z   Mabe Pearl A pearl formed as a blister in the shell giving a semi circular appearance. These are more suitable for earrings and brooches than for necklace.             Malachite A hardstone which is made...

Labradorite to Lustre

Part L of the A to Z of Vintage Jewellery, Labradorite to Lustre Labradorite A greyish gemstone with flashes of rainbow colour Lace Pin A very small brooch which was used to pin together folds in lace  – the pin on the back is generally linger than the pin itself...

Keeper to Kunzite

Part  K , A-Z of  Vintage Jewellery   This is the shortest so far, K is not a popular starting letter for jewellery terms. Keeper, A keeper keeps a piece of jewellery in place. The butterfly backs on your earrings are and example of keepers. Others are the clutches we place...