Ive just acquired a set of silver  jewellery by Brian Asquith. It is so stylish and typical of the time it was made (1977) that I decided to find out more. Can you imagine a trendy 70’s chick wearing this set? This was quite expensive at the time it was made just like designer pieces are these days.

Brian Asquith was born in 1930 and lived until 2008. Studying at the Royal Collage of Art and then he did a stint of national service before he returned to Sheffield. Eventually setting up his workshop in Youlgrave Derbyshire. Much of his work was inspired by the streams he saw in the countryside around him. Mainly his pieces were industrial design and precious metals .

asquith Jewelleryasquith silver jewellery










This set is a pendant, bangle and a ring set where you can see this influence in the texture of the pieces. The design appears to be repeated in his table wear including cutely handles, candlestick bases and napkin rings. Ive also seen cufflinks so one for the Gents to look out for.

His main work was not jewellery but designs for major companies and highly sought after commissions. For example he designed cutlery for both Alessi and Spear and Jackson’s Champange range. Religious silver for Chichester and Litchfield Cathedrals and pieces for Royalty and the British Government.

Amongst other things he designed the fountains in the Peace gardens at Sheffield and cups for the Tennis federation.

Where to find Brian Asquith Silver

brian Asquith markLooking for pieces of Brian Asquiths work ? Here is what his hallmarks look like . They carry the Sheffield town mark. I have seen sets of stainless steel cutlery on eBay.

I guess that these are pieces which are worth investing in. You can find this rare set for sale on AntiquesAvenue in the vintage bracelets department.