Need antiques pictures for your blog? So you’ve written this amazing article about your favorite antique and need pictures to really make it stand out. A good photo or two attracts the viewer’s eye but just where do you get the photos from? A blog is not like Facebook when it comes to images, you can’t just use any you choose and hope to get away with it.

You could just copy a good photo from the internet but hang on, that could be copyright theft. You could end up with a hefty bill for using it. Some of the larger picture providers have programs crawling the internet looking for such theft and then send you a bill. Non-payment can land you in court.

Let’s look at the options to give the visual wow factor to your article:
1. Take your own antiques pictures
2. Purchase Photos
3. Obtain permission to use a photo
4. Labeled for Re-use photos

1.Take you own antiques pictures

The vast majority of pictures on this blog I have taken myself. This is relatively easy when you have the right articles around to photograph. A camera, decent lighting, and a photo editing program and your all set to go.

2. Purchase antique pictures

There are several sites around which will sell you photos from a few pounds. See Getty images and Istockphoto to start with. The problem with these is both the cost and the range is quite limited when it comes to antiques.

3. Obtain usage permission

Found a photo you love that would be absolutely perfect. Try contacting the owner and ask if you can use it. I get several such requests a year to use my photos. I usually say yes and ask for full credit or a link to my website. It’s a win win situation.

4. Labeled for reuse photos

This is my favorite option when I don’t have a suitable antiques pictures of my own. The image at the top of this article is “labeled for re-use”. This means that the images are OK to use, the owner has said as much and you do not need to seek permission.

Heres the secret to finding them:

antiques pictures

  • Put your search term into Google – for this article, I used “antiques images”
  • Click on images so you get a page full of pictures
  • Select Tools from the top menu
  • Now select usage rights then “labeled for Reuse”
  • Choose your favorite photo. Save it and use in the usual manner safely knowing it is OK to do so.

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