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I know all you lovers of Antique and Vintage jewellery are sometimes concerned about getting the genuine article when you but older jewellery on-line. Heres a guide to the different periods or Antique Vintage Datelines. Hopefully, this will help you to ensure that you know you are buying the jewellery of an age you want or at least know roughly how old the piece is. Here are the terms AntiquesAvenue uses and the dates the jewellery is most likely to have been made in.

antique vintage jewellery

Georgian Jewellery

First two things to consider with Antique Vintage Datelines:

  1. The date of an item: When it was made
  2. Its style: The decorative style (such as Art Deco 1920s to 1940s) is often linked to date when it was first fashionable but an item can be made in that style for many years after the style’s main era has long gone and in fact, pieces are still being made new today.

The date of a piece of jewellery

Georgian: There is very  little jewellery around before 1800 so our Georgian jewellery is from between 1800 and the start of Queen Victoria’s reign in 1837

Victorian: About 1837 to 1900.

Edwardian: 1900 to 1910

Art Deco:  1920s to 1940s

Retro: 1940s to 1980 but mainly 1950s, 60s and 70s.

Antique: legally anything 100 years old or more but as this would put us in the middle of the 1910s I prefer a pre-1920 date or anything before art deco

Vintage: On AntiquesAvenue a piece needs to be at least 30 years old to be described as vintage. Often pieces will be qualified such as vintage 1960s


The style of an item is a little different from when it dates from.  Art deco style began circa the 1920s and was more or less over by the 1940s. The style regained popularity in the 1980s and many pieces that have art deco design elements were made at that time. So a black triangular necklace may have the art deco style but it dates from the 1980s. On AntiquesAvenue we would always tell you if it was original Art Deco or 1980s art deco. This applies to all these other styles as well:

Victorian Aesthetic

Victorian Aesthetic

Victorian Aesthetic style. High fashion in the 1870s and 1880s.

Japanese , oriental or Egyptian style. These have had several flowerings or revivals over the past 200 years. Anything in the Japanese / oriental / Egyptian style should have an approximate date with it.

Art Nouveau: Originally this swirling naturalistic style was popular 1890 to 1910 ish. There was a huge revival in the 1970s and I have seen lots of its style influence the designs of the recent few years. AntiquesAvenue will say if its original or 1970s art nouveau.

Arts and crafts: Manly around the turn of the 1800s to 1900s and certainly not later than the first world war. Pieces dating after that would be described as craftsman made or similar.

Sometimes I only have a rough idea of date say the 1800s, other times I can be exact due to the presence of a hallmark.  Does this help? Remember this is just AntiquesAvenue’s date line policy and the jewellery is guaranteed to be of the dates we describe them to be Other companies will interpret dates slightly differently.

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