Apparently, it’s World Goth Day today. I thought it would be great to celebrate by sharing my vintage and antique black jewellery and mourning jewellery too. Pieces that Goths would love to wear.

Antique Black Jewellery

Antique Black Jewellery

Pieces I would especially think are suitable are Whitby and French Jet. Whitby jet is a natural material which is thousands of years old and is found just around the area of Whitby in Yorkshire. French Jet is a very dark coloured glass which looks like its black and has a high shine. Here are a few Whitby Jet pieces, Can you imagine yourself wearing any of these brooches?




This locket would look wonderful with a black outfit. It over 100 years old but could still be worn today:

Much of this type of jewellery was created for mourning. Queen Victoria popularised the trend following the death of here husband Prince Albert. The tradition was that immediate family such as a wife, mother or daughter should only wear black for the first year after a man’s death. Also, special jewellery was created to hold locks of hair which were often elaborately plaited.



Hair Jewellery

I think World Goth Day is the perfect opportunity to take out and wear your mourning jewellery as well. This is real human hair inside these pieces. You can find hair in brooches, bracelets, rings,  necklaces and I’ve seen gentleman’s watch chains too.

Often the brooches have an inscription to the person being mourned. It will say their name and dates of birth and death. These are the ones which are particularly collectable.

Let’s not forget the Gentleman Goth. Perfect is the antique pocket watch and gentlemen’s. Albert watch chain. Albert is the type of chain with two arms, another piece of jewellery popularised by the Victorian Royals. You can also occasionally come across mourning dress studs as well.