I sold a lovely old rock crystal pendant today to a lady who wanted to wear it as an amulet. This got me thinking about amulets what are they? How do we use them? What is the difference between them and charms?

Gold CharmThe Difference Between and Charm and an Amulet

I did a bit of research. Apparently, whilst charm and amulet are words used in the same way, they are opposites.  An amulet is to protect from harm, evil or disease. A charm brings good luck or fortune. The opposite side of the same thing. Either way, they are tiny jewellery trinkets which we wear around our necks. Or attached to a bracelet or maybe place inside a locket or a locket compartment in a ring or brooch.

What Can be used as an Amulet?

Many different pieces of jewellery are used as amulets. These include gemstones including ones carved with runes or a magical phrase, coins and other trinkets. We see lots of gold and silver charms which have been made in the shape of little people, objects, animals and flowers.

Gemstones, in particular, have been attributed with properties which might protect. For example,  a rock crystal amulet could apparently protect from the cold, stress, bad dreams and fever. It is thought to be the very being of the rock crystal that brings the relief rather than it having been charged with any magical property by a human.

An object which has to have its protective properties added via magic may be a talisman rather than an amulet. I cant see AntiquesAvenue offering any talismans for sale but we often have lovely gemstone jewellery which could be used as amulets if you choose.

During the Georgian era, the eye symbol was used as an amulet to protect the wearer from the evil eye. Genuine antique eye jewellery is very expensive and sought after.

Other gemstones in jewellery which can be used as amulets include rose quartz and amethyst. depending upon the harm you are trying to protect against.

Do I believe this? I’m not sure but a piece of gemstone jewellery is very lovely to wear and if it helps too that’s wonderful.