Amber Jewellery Care

The price of amber jewellery has gone through the roof in recent years and it is now very collectable. Have you some nice amber pieces? Then you will want to know how to look after them.

amber jewellery care

 Amber Jewellery Care

Firstly, Take a look at the material the amber is set in. Often this is silver but look for hallmarks to be sure of this or ask your jeweller. You need to make sure this is also fit for cleaning.


As Amber is quite soft it needs to be handled with some care, store it separately or protected from other brooches so that it does not scratch. This would especially apply to diamond and other hard gemstones.  Also, do avoid leaving your amber brooch in direct sunlight for a long time, it will dry crack and fade. Solvents in perfume and hairspray can damage your amber. The best thing to do is to use these first and put your amber jewellery on after. Perhaps clean it as soon as practicable after wearing.

If the string has broken on an amber necklace then it is easy to re-thread. You may even be able to do it yourself. Just put a knot between each bead. This would protect the beads if the string broke again.

amber necklaces

When cleaning your amber please do not use an ultra sonic cleaner or harsh chemicals and do not use a jewellery dip or a silver dip. A soft cloth and a very tiny drop of pure olive oil are often recommended. If the jewellery is set into gold or silver you could try and clean the metal without touching the amber.


Buy Amber Jewellery

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