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Are you puzzled and fascinated by old things and would like to know more or learn how to buy and sell them? Heres the condensed knowledge of a lifetime collecting and 25 years as an antiques dealer.

A bit of history and all things old and interesting. Blog was started many years ago by me Anne and was quite a hit for some time. Unfortunately due to a hacking incident where all the photos were lost I had to close it down.

Now the Blog is back, bigger and better than before and of course with loads more security.

Just like before anyone with something to say about antiques, vintage, collectables or history is welcome to submit and article.

Hoping to build the most interesting antiques site about. Nothing new under the sun
And for those who are interested – This is me 🙂 .

I have a long history as an antiques dealer. At first, like many, I was a general dealer. For a while, I specialised in art pottery, glass paperweights and antique tiles. Eventually, my interest in antique and vintage jewellery was so great that I retrained and qualified as a jewellery.  Over the years I have accumulated so much knowledge about antiques and the trade which I love to share. There’s also my shop at . You can find me on eBay and Facebook as AntiquesAvenue and on Twitter as Anne AntiquesAvenue .


Love to hear from you soon.