Better than New

As regular readers know I have a passion for antique and vintage jewellery. Heres why. Eleven reasons why lovely old jewelies are better than new.

better than new1. Lower Price For Same Quality

We all love a bargain. Have you compared the prices of vintage jewellery with new? Whilst rare antique jewellery can be much more costly ( see 3.  investment ) jewellery from the 1950s to 1980s will generally be lower in price than the equivalent piece new . Also when it comes to gold and silver you are likely to have more precious metal weight in an older piece.

2. Unusual Designs 

Have you looked in a new jewellery shop ( on-line or in the high street). All the shops are selling similar pieces. Whilst teenage girls all want to look the same and follow their friends we row out of that and like to develop our own styles. You are far more likely to find something unique in vintage.

3. Investment

I am not giving investment advice here just offering an observation.  In generally terms if you buy a piece of antique or vintage silver or gold jewellery today it is likely to be worth more in 10 years than a new piece of the same price purchased today. Of course the final values will depend on fashions, the condition you keep it in and how the precious metal markets prices go . Jewellery which is 10 or 20 years old tends not to be desirable and it tends not to go up in value until its 30 or more years old. If you buy vintage in the first place you are 30 years ahead. Of course there are exceptions to this depending on fashion.

4. Historic Interest

A lot of my customers love a gem with a history associated with it. They like to know how old it is, that its genuine, where it came from and any stories about the piece. Others love to collect specific arts styles such as Art Deco or Art Nouveau. How about a genuine piece of Victorian jewellery?

5. Fun Finding it

Some of us ( especially me)  love the thrill of the chase, hunting out a genuine treasure. I find most of my pieces at antique fairs and auctions. Others hunt on-line or at car boot and table top sales. What ever your chosen hunting ground this can become really addictive and a great source of a bargain or even like me a way to earn a living.

6. Shows You Have Class

Now clearly this is a personal statement but I think a love of antiques / vintage  of any kind shows class. It shows a person who thinks about what they surround themselves with rather than just following the crowd.

7. Heirloom

Antique and vintage jewellery is much more likely to be passed down the generations and treasured than new is. Have you a brooch or locket inherited from Granny? Even if you choose not to wear it, I am prepared to bet that you look after it better than new jewellery and maybe plan to hand it on to your own children one day. I often have customers buying pieces that the want to become a family heirloom and they like to start with a piece which already has some age.

8. A Gift Which Will Be Appreciated

As we’ve already discussed a vintage piece cannot be bought from every high street store. You need to put thought and a little effort into buying. The lucky recipient of your gift will know this and appreciate it all the more.

9. Eternal Design Not Disposable Fashion

Buy a new piece today and it will be out of fashion in a year or two and you will be wanting to buy something more in-style. Vintage and Antique isn’t as disposable, you will still want to be wearing a great vintage bangle in 5, 10 and 20 years time.

10. Sentimental Value

One of the biggest reasons why people love walking round antique fairs is the sentimental value. They see items which give pleasant memories of past times. If you have a piece of vintage jewellery which reminds you of your own past you will be more attached to it than a new piece with no memories. For me personally there are three eras in jewellery which have sentimental value 1920s/ 1930s jewellery which reminds me of the pieces my Grannies wore. The pieces from the 50s and 60s my mother wore. Im also very attracted to high style 1970s pieces, the jewellery which was brand new in the shops when I was a teenager who wanted more than she could afford.

11. Its green

Nope not in colour, you are helping to save the planet when you buy antique.
Whatever your reason for buying it remember vintage isn’t as good as new its “Better than new”. 🙂