Gallery to Gypsy

A- Z, Gallery to Gypsy Gallery As in the decorative pierced setting around the edge of a ring, it will have the claws of the stone setting at the top Garnet We normally see red garnet gemstones which are a deep blood red in colour.  These were popular when set in various sizes and shapes…

Victorian Brooch

What is my brooches age ?

What is my brooches age? Are you wondering how old Grannies vintage brooches really are? She may have cherished them for lifetime perhaps passed down  from her Grandmother mother . Or maybe she bought them new  in the last few years but How can you tell? Here are a few clues which may help you decide. 1. Hallmarks….

how to open charm bracelet catch

How Vintage Charm Bracelet Catches Work

Do you know how Vintage Charm Bracelet Catches Work? Ive been asked several times by customers how to open their bracelets .  These are they older type of bracelets where the charms hang down and are attached by an O ring.  Not the modern Pandora type where the charms slide along a chain. It is…


About Gold Antique Jewellery

I look at the pieces of gold antique jewellery I have for sale and use the word “gold” in different ways.  Its quite a complex area as there is a wide range of the way we use it.  From something that is simply gold in colour through to 24 carat . This article explains the ways the words gold antique jewellery…


Faberge to Fur

 Faberge to Fur A-Z Jewellery Faberge Famous Russian jewellery working later 1800s to early 1900s. Superb enamelling. Produced the famous Easter Eggs for the Russian Tsar. Face The front of a faceted gemstone Facet The small sides of a cut gemstone Faience Pottery covered with a tin glaze and often with a painted design. Made…

16 inch glass necklaces

In Praise of the 16 inch Necklace

This is in Praise of the 16 inch necklace. It is a much under-rated piece of jewellery which a great pretty as its highly decorative. Many ladies will not consider less than 18 inches for their neck wear but please do think again. For smaller and medium ladies the 16 inch vintage necklace will sit around…


Denby Tiles

I am sure you have heard of Denby pottery but did you know they had a range of Denby tiles as well? This one I believe is from their Nursery ware range. From the back stamp it is from circa 1940s or 1950s. As you can see there is damage to this tile. It is…

Three Victorian Cameos

Collecting Cameo Jewellery

Not long ago the antique cameo jewellery was seen as out of date, old fashioned and something only worn by old Grannies. That was such a shame as it meant that many wonderful examples were hidden in jewellery boxes, out of sight just waiting for their time to come again. Nowadays they  are quite fashionable and they have been brought…